☠️ Bringing back the dead

Digital Thought

Good evening,

It’s probably a bit late, but I wish you a happy new year anyway. Despite all the bullshit – from chaos in the USA to B117 – that 2021 already threw at us. I’m excited about what’s coming.

On a more personal note: My fingers are almost completely healed. After weeks of being incapable of writing and working, I finally can kick off new things. I’m eager to finish my Industry Research Project around media trust for Hyper Island.

On a somewhat personal note: I’ll be switching to a new role at my workplace relatively soon. I cannot talk about it too much yet, but I’m looking forward to work behind the frontlines again.

A love story continues

As many of you know, I ended Negative White, the online magazine I founded ten years ago, by June 2020.

However, music is still a vital part of my life. But I found myself missing the thrill of discovering a great new song and sharing it with other enthusiasts ever since.

That’s why I brought “Weekly5” back from the dead. I have to dedicate time and effort to the discovery. And I thought: If I already do this, why not share it with others?

The idea is plain and simple: Every Sunday, I send out a newsletter featuring five new tracks that you might enjoy as much as I do.

So if you’re interested in getting new musical inspiration, consider joining the community here. (There’s also an Instagram account and a dedicated Spotify playlist.)

Old idea revisited

Weekly5 has a long heritage. The playlist curation started back in 2015, branded as Songs of the Week. After an insightful discussion with music promoter Frank Lenggenhager, I crafted a clear concept: The playlist/newsletter was limited to five songs per week and renamed to Weekly5.

The relaunch has been quite spontaneous. Triggered by talking to people who miss it and my impending role change, I felt the time was right. New ideas, however, had to be part of the project as well.

Getting to the bottom

As a first step, I formulated a mission, values, and service. Or, as you may know, I’ve completed the golden circle:

I love to share my passion for great music.

I maintain curiosity, quality, diversity, independence, and integrity.

I curate a newsletter and playlist.

For me, the golden circle was a helpful tool to really define my motivation and the essence of Weekly5.

Planning ahead

The core idea of Weekly5 was given from the beginning. The limitation of five songs clearly defines the value. Nevertheless, I felt that there has to be more to it.

Therefore, I laid out a plan for the upcoming months and set ambitious goals for the subscriber count. Each new milestone unlocks a new benefit for the community.

Obviously, I won’t spoil them here. *Feel subscription trigger here*

Honestly, I would appreciate you for subscribing or even looking at the first one or two issues of Weekly5 since there are some brilliant experts in digital products and newsletters among you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Stay save,