A Short Update About DigitalThought

Things are going to change around here.

This newsletter is 307 words, a 3-minute read.

Yes, it‘s me. It‘s been a while.

Lately, I haven‘t had the time to write this little newsletter regularly. There are several reasons: focusing on my new role as product owner, curating music for Weekly5 (yes, check it out), and – the most important of them all – enjoying the free time after my master‘s degree.

Some quiet time has been a key to sustain sanity in the past 1,5 years. Now, with fewer restrictions, I also want to spend valuable moments with friends face to face.

However, and despite the workload that my weekly music newsletter is adding, I feel the need to create somewhat of a frequency to DigitalThought. My goal: once a month, at least.

There are a couple of things that motivate me particularly:

  1. Reflection: I‘ve talked about the importance of reflection in the past. For me, this means to dedicate some time. Otherwise, I‘ll fail to do it regularly. Fast Company has published an interesting story about the effects of journaling on stress and overthinking. DigitalThought is going to be kind of a journal for me.

  2. Reading: I should read much more. Books, yes. And articles and reports. But I seldomly do. However, to come up with topics for DigitalThought and share some interesting links with you, I force myself to read.

  3. Perspectives: In the past, I had several exciting follow-up conversations about the topics of DigitalThought. I‘m a curious person, and I love to get fresh ideas and perspectives from this small but smart community.

That being said, I hope you‘ll come along on this ride. I‘m looking forward to it.

To end this short update, I will sneak in some advertising for this podcast episode about vulnerability and leadership. It‘s in Swiss German, so not every one of you will understand. But I‘d be honoured if you would tune in.